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About Chynna


Californian weirdo. Deleterious slab of damnation. Lifelong obession with books, movies, music, cartoons/comics and time travel. Antagonizer of husband, small child and variety of pets. Likes old cars, vintage scooters, drive-in theaters, monsters, antiques, cemeteries, Halloween, true crime, stand-up comedy and late nights at diners. Is usually plotting something.  Probably something involving you, specifically. 


Chynna started doing BLUE MONDAY with Oni Press as an ongoing mini-series in periodical format after the success of its short comic appearances in Dark Horse Presents, Action Girl Comics, and subsequently Oni Double Feature, which eventually led to its own mini-series and Original Graphic Novel publications with Oni. She also created a self-contained 6 issue mini-series, SCOOTER GIRL, while at Oni Press, and both SG and Blue Monday volumes 1 - 3 have since been remastered and reprinted in color with Image Comics. 


Chynna works as an illustrator for books, magazines, ad companies and graphic novels; as a writer, color separator and colorist. She was an assistant editor for DC's CMX Manga, assistant editor for DC Comics' Wildstorm division, and an assistant editor for DC Comics working on various licensed and Johnny DC titles, editing LOONY TUNES, co-editing TINY TITANS, as well as several digital comics. Past projects have been published by Scholastic (QUEEN BEE), AAA POP/Oni Press (IT GIRL), BOOM! Studios (LUMBERJANES, LUMBERJANES/GOTHAM ACADEMY CROSSOVER, PEANUTS: A TRIBUTE TO CHARLES M. SCHULZ), IDW (FEMME MAGNIFIQUE, HEY AMATEUR!) DC Comics (SHADE THE CHANGING GIRL, SUPER FRIENDS, LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES IN THE 31ST CENTURY, TEEN TITANS GO!, LOONEY TUNES, HI HI PUFFY AMIYUMI), Dark Horse (BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER, DHP), Marvel (ULTIMATE MARVEL TEAM-UP) Slave Labor Graphics (ACTION GIRL COMICS), Viz (HELLO KITTY: HELLO 40) and Image (THIS IS A SOUVENIR, FOUR LETTER WORLDS, IT GIRL & THE ATOMICS). Illustrations and short comics have appeared in Spin, Nickelodeon Magazine, Shojo Beat, H&R Block's Blog Talk, and more. Chynna has contributed to the Kickstarter charity project INSIDER ART curated by DC's veteran Vertigo EIC, Shelly Bond, of Off Register Press with the timeline "A Brief History of Garage Rock," and in November 2023 an all-new Addams Family story she has penned and drawn covers for will appear in a two-part miniseries The Addams Family: Charlatan's Web available from IDW. Currently, she is working with Monster Forge Productions on a new project, and has even more new material in the works.

Chynna has been known to show up as a guest in other mediums including TV, radio, podcasts and the odd indy film as a background character. Life is short, after all.










Photo by Julie Miner © 2020

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